Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I now own a Sarah Connor jacket.  SCORE.

For the short time that Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles were on tv, I was majorly hooked.  Not only did it feature some seriously awesome characters, not only did it have a riveting plot that kept me compulsively coming back every week, not only did it have logic-bending approaches to time, space, and narrative, not only did it have Summer Glau from Firefly, but it also had really, really great jackets.

How I coveted a Sarah Connor jacket.  Waist-length, form-fitting, dark-colored, and with many pockets and zippers (you know, to keep your cell phone, house keys, handgun, ammo, bits of futuristic technology, etc. etc.). 

I'm not much of a shopper, and I don't earn alot of money, so I never got around to purchasing my pre-apocalyptic, ass-kicking jacket.

Until now.  Because, fortunately, the jacket I have described is pretty popular in Paris, even in July.  Thanks to the Soldes (the biannual sales), the previously unobtainable jacket has now been obtained.

My awesome new jacket, as it turns out, is ideal for shooting terminators, protecting your messianic son, preserving hope for humankind in an apocalyptic future, and walking around Paris eating crepes, drinking wine, and looking at art.

Renoir, if you don't start making better art, I will blow. you. away.

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